Health Benefits of Chinese Tea

Health Benefits of Chinese Tea

Among all speculations about Chinese Tea, one thing every school of thoughts have not been able to dispute is the numerous health benefits that Chinese tea offers the human body and your state of mind. Chinese people drink tea not for the flavor alone but because of all the different effects that it can have on the mind and the body.

Lower Blood Pressure – Chinese tea has been clinically proven to reduce your blood pressure when drank regularly along with a proper and healthy exercise routine. A lot of people face this health issue as they grow old. Poor life decisions and eating habits can raise your blood pressure due to poor regulation of blood flow through your body. The heart is designed to work overtime and ensure that the body has enough blood to keep all of your organs and limbs functioning.

Prevention of Dry Eyes/Blindness – White tea is a special type of Chinese tea that have been proven to reduce chances of blindness at night and will even prevent eyes from drying out.

Prevention of Tooth Decay – There are couple of Chinese teas, particularly in the Oolong category, that will help prevent tooth decay. This should be taken alongside a healthy tooth maintenance schedule along with regularly brushing as well for the best effect.

Reduces Cholesterol – Chinese tea can help lower your overall cholesterol

Radiation Repair – For people exposed to radiation, white tea is known to reduce the damage done by radiation exposure.

Vitamin C/Antioxidants – For people who are prone to getting sick easily, there’s a rich amount of vitamin C in teas like Pu-Erh tea.

Fatigue Prevention – One of the biggest struggles of a boring job is feeling fatigued constantly. This can also be because of a poor diet. Different types of Chinese tea will help reduce your fatigue and give you energy.

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