Eye Bright Tea

8,000.00 6,000.00


Eye Bright Tea

8,000.00 6,000.00

  • Clears Blurred Vision.
  • Clears Dim Vision & Red eyes.
  • Brightens the eyes.
  • Helps against visual disturbances.
  • Nourishes the kidneys & the liver.
  • Refreshes the heart
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Long used in herbal medicine, it’s typically touted as a natural remedy for eye problems. Winstown Eye Bright Tea is naturally prepared to clear blurred vision,  Dim vision, swelling , red eyes, inflammation, conjunctivitis, Styes and sore. With visual disturbances and tears. Eye Bright is specially prepared to clear all. Eye Bright Natural Tea contains all wild crafted herbs and based on constant use will benefit the liver, nourish the kidney, refresh the heart and brighten the eyes.

STOP Spending all Your Life Savings on OPTICIANS & Eye SURGERIES. The testimonies on this product will AMAZE you. The EYE BRIGHT TEA is a Mind blowing eye restoration therapy.

Its Natural. It first detoxify the body system, then restores damaged tissues, Rejuvenate the Eye and give you a CRYSTAL CLEAR VISION.

It works for almost any eye sight related problems, whether it’s:

Short- Sightedness (Myopia)

Far- Sightedness (Hyperopia)

Glaucoma, Lazy Eye (Amblyopia)

Cross-Eye (Strabismus)

Eye Strain

Macular Degeneration.

Cataracts, Astigmatism,

Presbyopia (Old-Age Sight)

Light Sensitivity,

Diabetic Retinopathy, etc

Take advantage of this great product, proven sight remedy, 100% Natural.


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